15. Türk Dili Konuşan Ülkeler Pediatri Birlikleri Kongresi – Azerbaycan

15th Congress of Pediatricians of TurkicEurasian Countries

(15th UNPSTR – Eurasia Congress)

11-12 September 2015, Baku, Azerbaijan

The 15th UNPSTR – Eurasia Congress was held at the Hǝydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan on 11-12 September 2015. This congress was dedicated to the memory of Prof.Dr. Ihsan Doğramacı, the founder of the UNPSTR, on his 100th birthday.

More than 250 participants different countries including Azerbaijan, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, TajikistanTurkey attended interactive sessions of the meeting. The venue of the congress, the Hǝydar Aliyev Center, was a magnificant facility with its impressive architecturemuseums of artnatural history as well as an exhibition section dedicated to the former President of Azerbaijan Republic Hǝydar Aliyev.

At the Opening Ceremony of the Congress participants were welcomed by the Minister of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic Dr. Ogtay Shiraliyev, then President of the Congressthe President of the Turkish World Pediatric Association (UNIPSTR) Prof.Dr. Nasib Guliev welcomed the participantsgave information about the UNIPSTRits impact on the development of pediatrics in this region. President of the International Pediatric Association Dr. Andreas Konstantopoulosthe President of the European Pediatric Association Prof.Dr. Leyla Namazova Baranova addressed the participants of the congressexpressed their gratitude for those who work to protectenhance child health all over the world. General Secretary of the UNIPSTRthe Turkish National Pediatric Society Prof.Dr. Enver Hasanoğlu made an excellent presentation about Prof.Dr. Ihsan Doğramacı consisting his life, successescontribution to the child health.

Congress participants shared experienceresearch results with each other in different fields of pediatrics including growth, development, feeding, vaccination, infections, sepsis, neonatalogy, congenital malformations, diseases of gastrointestinal, urinary, nervouspulmonary systems, management of critically ill child neonatal period to adolesence.

Participants enjoyed the social program of the congress as well. Tha gala diner at the Tower Restaurant with the astonishing view of the modern Baku city was impressive.

As a result, 15th UNPSTR – Eurasia Congress gathered more than 250 pediatricians different countries where colleagues found the opportunity to interact, share experience, establish new relationshipscollaborate. We hope the meeting was fruitful for all participantshelped our goal to provide a better health carea better future for our children.

Prof.Dr. Enver Hasanoğlu

Secretary General